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CCMI-Dev self-assessment questionnaire CCMI-Dev self-assessment questionnaire  Used to identify the process areas that are of particular importance to a project, using the taxonomy of CMMI-DEV. Helps focus on the more important stuff first.

Rank each of the following process needs: 
2 7 years ago

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Sharepoint Site BPR  6 years ago
Sharepoint Site Coral Sea Fishing Zone Management Advisory Committee  This collaboration site is a sample of how the work of the Coral Sea Fishing Zone Management Advisory Committee could be managed using SharePoint 2007 technology. It is built on WSS3.0, and has NO CODE. 6 years ago
Sharepoint Site eBis  6 years ago
Sharepoint Site IIBA Prep  *** Anonymous users have read access to this site *** 6 years ago
Sharepoint Site Microsoft Business Architecture  6 years ago
Sharepoint Site Tips 'n' Tricks  Technical tips and tricks our staff have fallen over, stored centrally so we can find them again. 6 years ago

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